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Megan has the skills and the heart to meet any clients needs and expectations. Being also a Holistic Health Practitioner myself I completely recommend Megan's work. She is one of my favorite practitioners and always look forward to healing on her table and under her loving hands. Thumbs up!
Nestor Velochi

Megan is an amazing massage therapist. It's incredible how she touches more than just your sore physical spots, but your sore soul spots as well.
Katie Madsen

I've received massages all over the world, Bahrain, Singapore, all over the United States, and your work is the best. Your massage when I was in San Diego last year, and today's massage have been absolutely perfect.

I thought a massage would ease the pain
within my left knee
but Megan, the young massage therapist, 
wiser than most of us
in the interaction between mind and body
spirit and the flesh
sensed the tension that restricted healing
and with the warmth of her hands
and the sincerity of her voice
began to relax the tight muscles
around my knee
and also to relieve the ache
inside my heart.
Frank Barone
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